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realm (s) (noun), realms (pl)
1. A region or area in which something prevails or is in control: Francis was told by her superior that her plan for increasing profits for her company was in the realm of possibility.
2. A special field or sphere of something: James was very interested in the realm of chemistry.
3. Etymology: from Latin regimen, "rule, government."
A place where something takes place.
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(A noisy silence in the waters of the oceans and the seas)
(a suffix that forms abstract and collective nouns added to adjectives to show state or condition; added to nouns to show a position, rank, or realm of; all of those who are part of a group or organization)
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biogeographic realm
One of six vast land areas, each with distinctive kinds and numbers of plants and animals.
This entry is located in the following unit: Biology Terms + (page 2)
cultural realm
A region where a group's culture prevails.
This entry is located in the following unit: Geography Terms + (page 4)