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realize (verb), realizes; realized; realizing
1. To be aware or conscious of something, or to become aware of something: After Marilyn had realized that it was a holiday and all the stores were closed, she decided to go back home!
2. To fulfill a specific vision, plan, desire, or possibility of something being achieved: After months of saving her money, June finally realized her wish to go to the concert in New York!
3. To tranform something into a particular amount of money, usually by selling it: Gregory thought that his paintings should realize an amount of $300 when sold the coming month.
4. To turn something such as a play or novel into a stage or film performance: Jeffrey was totally happy when his crime novel was finally realized as a movie and was shown at the local theater!
5. To make real or concrete by giving reality or substance to something: After planning and calculating the costs, Thomas finally began to realize his wishes for his garden, and work began the following week.
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realized eschatology (s) (noun), realized eschatologies (pl)
A Christian theory popularized by C. H. Dodd (1884–1973) which states that the eschatological passages in the New Testament do not refer to the future, but instead refer to the ministry of Jesus and his lasting legacy.

Eschatology is therefore, not the end of the world but its rebirth instituted by Jesus and continued by his disciples, an historical (rather than a transhistorical) phenomenon.

Those who believe this viewpoint generally dismiss the "end times" theories, believing them to be irrelevant.

They contend that what Jesus said and did, and told his disciples to do also, are of greater significance than any messianic expectations.

This view is more attractive to many people, especially liberal Christians, since it reverses the notion of Jesus' coming as an apocalyptic event, something which they interpret as being hardly in keeping with the overall theme of Jesus' teachings in the canonical gospels, and are troubled by its firm association with evangelicalism and conservative politics.

Instead, they say that eschatology should be about being engaged in the process of becoming, rather than waiting for external and unknown forces to bring about some kind of "end of the world" or prophetic destruction.

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realized niche
The niche that an organism is able to occupy in the face of the constraints of interaction with other species populations.
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