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realize (usage)
1. "I don't think you fully realize the importance of his speech."

Synonyms of realize: comprehend, apprehend, understand, gather, grasp, get, fathom, appreciate, absorb, feel strongly; perceive, see into, penetrate, make out, discern; be cognizant of, recognize; conceive, imagine.
2. "He realized his fondest dream when he won the Pulitzer prize."

Synonyms for realized: actualize, fulfill, compete, consummate, bring to pass, bring about, effectuate, carry out, execute, carry through, work out, discharge, do, produce, perform; attain, get, achieve, accomplish, make good.

3. "She realized very little by selling those stocks."

Applicable synonyms for realized: get as profit, gain, acquire, profit, clear, net, obtain a return, make money, make capital of, accomplish.

—Compiled from a presentation made by
Reader's Digest Family Word Finder; The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.;
Pleasantville, New York; 1975; page 647.
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realize (verb), realizes; realized; realizing
1. To be aware or conscious of something, or to become aware of something: After Marilyn had realized that it was a holiday and all the stores were closed, she decided to go back home!
2. To fulfill a specific vision, plan, desire, or possibility of something being achieved: After months of saving her money, June finally realized her wish to go to the concert in New York!
3. To tranform something into a particular amount of money, usually by selling it: Gregory thought that his paintings should realize an amount of $300 when sold the coming month.
4. To turn something such as a play or novel into a stage or film performance: Jeffrey was totally happy when his crime novel was finally realized as a movie and was shown at the local theater!
5. To make real or concrete by giving reality or substance to something: After planning and calculating the costs, Thomas finally began to realize his wishes for his garden, and work began the following week.
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realize, know
realize (REE uh lighz") (verb)
1. To accomplish: Clarice started to realize her dream of being a pilot by taking flying lessons on the weekend.
2. To cause or to appear to be in existence: Angelia was able to realize her characters in her book through careful descriptions.
3. To be completely aware of a situation: Joseph seemed to realize the danger he was facing by choosing to cross the desert by night.
know (NOH) (verb)
1. To have direct knowledge about a certain matter: Jonie will know for a fact that her examination is next week when she sees the class schedule.
2. To be convinced or aware of the truth about something: After reading the budget report, Jim feels that he will know what the real situation is at the company.
3. To have a straightforward, practical understanding of a problem at hand: Frieda will know how to bake bread as soon as she tries her mother's recipe.

Shanna, do you realize that we know just about nothing when it comes to international finances?

(multiple marriages may be more widespread than we realize)
(the judgment to realize how much we must know before we can realize how little we actually know)
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Intaxication: euphoria at getting a refund from the IRS, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.