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1. An actual being or existence, as opposed to an imaginary, idealized, or false nature; in fact; actually.
2. Everything that actually does or could exist or happen in real life.
3. Something that has real existence and must be dealt with in real life.
4. An existence or universe, either connected with or independent from other kinds.
5. The totality of real things in the world, independent of people's knowledge, awareness, or perception of them.
6. The condition of the world as it really is rather than as a person might want it to be.
7. The culturally constructed world of perception, meaning, and behavior that members of a culture regard as true.
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reality, realty
reality (ree AL i tee) (noun)
1. Something that necessarily exists or must be: The availability of fresh water is a reality of life.
2. The overwhelming sum of events and things: The reality of the situation is that Aaron was lost and so he arrived home very late.
3. The quality or state of existence: Frankie's dream to be a nurse became a reality when she graduated from university.
realty (REE uhl tee) (noun)
Property that may include land and/or buildings: In her will, Dan's mother left him realty which included her house, a cottage, and the farm.

There's a new show on TV that demonstrates the reality of the realty market.

("The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen is a fable about the pitfalls of political self-aggrandizement and the fear of people to face reality even when they know that the reality of the situation is untrue)
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in reality
In actual fact.
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reality orientation
A formal medical activity that uses specific approaches to assist confused or disoriented people toward an awareness of reality; or the "here and now", as by emphasizing the time, day, month, year, situation, and weather.
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reality principle
An awareness of the demands of the environment and the need for an adjustment of behavior to meet those demands, expressed primarily by the renunciation of immediate gratification of instinctual pleasures to obtain long-term and future goals.

In psychoanalysis this function is held to be performed by the ego.

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reality testing
1. The attempt by the individual to evaluate and to understand the real world and his or her relation to it.
2. An ego function that enables a person to differentiate between external reality and an inner imaginative world and to behave in a manner that exhibits an awareness of accepted norms and customs.
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reality therapy
A psychiatric treatment based on the concept that some patients deny the reality of the world around them.

Therapy is directed to assist such patients in recognizing and accepting the present situation.

The main technique is confrontation; the therapist consistently confronts the client with the reality of the situation.

Illness or pathology is viewed as a defense against the real world. The purpose of the confrontation is to minimize distortion.