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reaction (singular), reactions (plural)
1. The way anyone acts or feels in response to something which happens, is said, etc.: When Tim's mother told him what happened to his sister, his immediate reaction was one of shock and disappointment.

The newspaper received a lot of angry letters in reaction to the editorial about wasting too much money on the elderly.

2. Having the ability to act and to move quickly in order to avoid some sudden danger: Because Shirley was such a good driver, her quick reactions when another car was coming towards her on the wrong side of the road saved her and her sisters life.
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(a reaction of delight and excitement when someone makes a discovery)
(sometimes an unexplainable panic and sometimes a justified reaction)
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electrodermal reaction
The change in electric resistance of the skin during emotional stress.

This is one of the functional variables measured by polygraphs.

endothermic reaction, endothermic process
1. A chemical reaction during which heat is absorbed.
2. Warm-blooded animals; such as, birds or mammals; maintaining a body temperature largely independent of the temperature of the environment; homoiothermic.
3. Characterized by, or attended with, the absorption of heat.
4. Also known as homoiotherm.
paranoid reaction
A psychopathological condition that may be associaed with delirium or dementia and characterized by the gradual formation of delusions, usually of a persecutory nature and often accompanied by related hallucinations.
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paranoid reaction type
An individual who has fixed systematized delusions, is suspicious, has a persecution complex, is resentful and bitter, and is a megalomaniac (mental condition where the patient exhibits delusions of grandeur or a greatly enhanced opinion of himself/herself).
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transfusion reaction (s) (noun), transfusion reactions (pl)
One of a variety of reactions that can occur as a result of blood transfusions.

The most serious is the response of the recipient when incompatible blood is administered, in which case massive intravascular (occurring within blood vessels) clumping and lysis (destruction) of red blood cells occur.

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viscerosomatic reaction (s) (noun), viscerosomatic reactions (pl)
A response that occurs in the muscles of the body was as a result o thef stimulation of the nerves in one or more of the internal organs of the body: The delicate post-surgical instruments were able to track the viscerosomatic reactions of the abdominal muscles in the patiet's body
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adverse reaction
In pharmacology, any unexpected or dangerous reaction to a drug.

An unwanted effect caused by the administration of a drug. The onset of the adverse reaction may be sudden or develop over time.

thermonuclear reaction
Nuclear fusion that occurs at extremely high temperatures.
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