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raise, raise, rays, raze
raise (RAYZ) (verb)
1. To lift something or someone to a higher position: A small box to stand on will raise the speaker so she can speak comfortably into the microphone.
2. To elevate in terms of status: The promotion will raise Pete's colleague to a managerial position at the factory.
3. To enhance or to invigorate: Such a sunny day will raise Jill's spirits.
4. To collect funds to finance a special undertaking: Carl hopes to raise a large sum of money to contribute to the children's charity.
5. To bring an animal or child to maturity: There is a saying which indicates that it takes a village to raise a child.
6. To inquire about or to bring forth a topic for discussion or debate: Terry said he would raise the question of new prices for bus tickets at the next board meeting.
7. To cause the creation of a blister or sore: If Marissa does not wear gloves when she rakes leaves, the friction will raise blisters on her hands.
8. To increase the bid or offer on something: At the auction, the auctioneer attempted to raise the amount on the priceless piece of silver.
9. To increase or to cause the elevation of the baseline of something: The heavy rains will raise the level of the river.

The landlord told Etta that he was going to raise her rent significantly the following year.

raise (RAYZ) (noun)
An increase in the amount of money paid for a task or undertaking: With her new position, Andriana asked for a raise in her salary.
rays (RAYZ) (noun)
1. Any of a number of fish with flattened bodies and eyes appearing on the flat upper surfaces: Dennis could see a colony of rays drifting in the bay not far from his boat.
2. Beams of light: The sun rays shined through the window illuminating the room and making it feel warm and comfortable.
3. Lines drawn from a common center: Shelby depicted the sun by drawing several rays emanating from the round yellow circle in the corner of her picture.
raze (RAYZ) (verb)
To demolish, tear down, or to reduce something: The bulldozers will raze the grove this afternoon to make way for new buildings.

The carver used a small knife to raze the surface of the block of wood he was working on so he could make an ornament.

They had to raze the old building and build a new one so the sun’s rays wouldn't raise the temperatures so much.

A landlord told his tenant, "I'm afraid I will have to raise your rent." The renter responded by saying, "I wish you would; I'm sure I can't raise (get) it."

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