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raid, raid, rayed
raid (RAYD) (noun)
1. A hostile or surprise attack typically involving a small force: The children planned a raid on the cookie jar but their mother stopped them.
2. A sudden invasion or daring operation typically carried out by officers of the law against suspected criminals or wrongdoers: The police captain led the raid against the river pirates and captured the leader.
3. The recruitment by a company or business of personnel from a competitor: The personnel officer staged a corporate raid of senior employees from a competing firm.
raid (RAYD) (verb)
To swindle public funds; an attempt to depress the stock market by selling off a lot of stock: The corrupt town treasurer attempted to raid the treasury and to defraud the townspeople.

The bank managers were manipulating the investment trading by deciding to raid their bank securities.

rayed (RAYD) (verb)
1. To have emitted radiation: The laboratory equipment rayed the specimen for a brief period of time.
2. To have extended outward from a central focus: In her primitive drawing, Latonya drew yellow lines showing how the light rayed from the sun towards the earth.
3. To have been exposed to or placed in the path of radiation: The scientist was very upset because the box of specimens had accidentally been rayed by an unskilled technician.

The activities of the illegal gang had rayed into the corporate world where there was a scheme to raid public funds.

Their activities were curtailed when the police scheduled a raid. The criminals protested saying that they were only planning a corporate raid in order to recruit new members.