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raven (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Lustrous black: Sherry has beautiful raven locks of hair.
2. To have a great appetite or to be very hungry: The wrestler was well-known for his raven appetite after each match.
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raven (s) (noun), ravens (pl)
Any of several large, corvine birds having lustrous, black plumage and a loud, harsh call; especially, "Corvus corax", of the New and Old Worlds: He saw birds that had shiny black feathers and looked like crows, but they were bigger; in fact they really were ravens.
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raven (verb), ravens; ravened; ravening
1. To seek plunder or to prey: The newspapers carried reports that the grasshoppers were ravening the countryside and destroying the crops.
2. To eat, to feed, or to devour voraciously or greedily: With his appetite, he ravened like an animal.
3. To seize as spoil or as prey: The invading enemy hordes attempted to raven the treasury of all the gold.
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raven, raven, ravin, ravine
raven (RAY uhn) (noun)
A large shiny black bird found in Europe, North America, and Asia: Mable and her friends watched the raven glide above them in the clear sky.
raven (RAY uhn) (verb)
To eat or to feed in a greedy manner: Max was so hungry after his long hike that he started to raven his meal, taking large mouthfuls at a time.
ravin (RAV uhn) (verb)
To seize or to capture something as prey: The large black raven swooped down over the field in an attempt to ravin the small field creatures.
ravine (ruh VEEN) (noun)
A small and narrow valley that has been created by a river, but not as large as a canyon: There is a ravine across the street from Anita's home where she frequently goes hiking.

Abigail noticed that a large black raven lived in the ravine near her home; so, one morning she watched it ravin a small animal in the tall grass. She felt sad but she also remembered that the raven was a wild bird and to ravin in the ravine was one aspect of its way to exist.

(a famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe)
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Poem: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
A classical poem about a raven which keeps uttering the words: "Nevermore".
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