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rational, rationale
rational (RASH uh nuhl) (adjective)
1. Pertaining to someone who has good judgment: Mable was a rational person and did not make hasty decisions.
2. Regarding to a person who is sane, lucid, and able to make sound judgments: The doctor indicated that the patient was rational and should not be detained in the hospital.
3. Descriptive of something a person clarifies which is sensible and reasonable and not emotional: Jason's explanation for being late seemed rational to him but not to his parents.
rationale (rash" uh NAL) (noun)
The underlying explanation or reason for a situation: The president of the company accounted for his rationale for the layoffs at the factory.

Jeff's friend elucidated the rationale behind his early retirement, but Jill still didn't comprehend the rationale for his decision.

The rationale that Kristie's normally rational friend gave her for getting her speeding ticket was unbelievable.

rationale (s) (noun), rationales (pl)
1. An significant reason or explanation for doing something: Adam said he simply didn't understand the rationale of his supervisor's motive for wanting to revise the contents of the financial report.

Mark explained to his wife the rationale of why he was retiring early from his career as a writer of novels.

2. Etymology: from Latin rationalis, "of or belonging to reason."
A logical reason.
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