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ration, rations
1. A fixed portion; especially, an amount of food allotted to people in military service or to civilians in times of scarcity.
2. Food rations issued or available to members of a group.
3. The amount of something that it seems fair or desirable for someone: "She certainly has had more than her ration of good luck."

Special Rations for Everyone

Here are rations which provide certain characteristics:
  • Hot: Conflag ration
  • Hotter: Incine ration
  • Cold: Refrige ration
  • Reductions: Evapo ration
  • Upsetting: Frust ration
  • Physically better: Ope ration
  • Long-lived: Mode ration
  • Gifted: Inspi ration
  • Lasting: Du ration
  • Fullness: Satu ration
  • Leaving: Emig ration
  • Coming: Immig ration
  • Physical problem: Disfigu ration
  • Vote: Regist ration
  • Porous: Infilt ration
  • Reaction to heat: Perspi ration
  • Public recognition: Celeb ration
—Compiled with revisions from "Special Rations";
Little Book of Word Tricks; collected by Frank Mitler et al.;
Peter Pauper Press; Mount Vernon, New York; 1958; pages 58-59.
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Word Entries containing the term: “ration
mechanical advantage, force ration
1. The ratio of the force produced by a machine: One example of a mechanical advantage is a lever or pulley that can be used to analyze the performance of a machine."
2. The ratio of the output force to the input force for a machine which transmits mechanical energy: "Mechanical advantage is the work produced by a machine, divided by the force applied to it".

"Actual machines can provide a mechanical advantage that is greater than unity (number or numeral one, oneness); however, the greater the mechanical advantage, the greater the distance which the input force must move in relation to the output force."

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