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rap (RAP) (noun)
1. A sharp blow or criticism: The critic wrote a powerful rap about the new play, describing it as slow paced and boring.

Mary heard a loud rap at her door which woke her up from her daydream!

2. A criminal charge or adverse consequence for an action: Steven took the rap for having been involved in the holdup at the gas station.
3. The least or minimum interest: Brian does not care a rap about the rock concert that is coming to town the following week.
rap (RAP) (verb)
To make a short, abrupt sound: Paul would often rap his baton on the music stand so he could get the attention of the musicians in the orchestra.
rap (RAP) (noun)
A type of music that has words that are spoken with rhythm instead of being sung: Michael listens mostly to rap with strong beats and electronic instrumental backing these days.
rap (RAP) (verb)
To perform a kind of music with a spoken rhythm: Joshua plans to rap with the band tonight.
wrap (RAP) (noun)
A piece of clothing, typically worn as a coat or covering: Estella has a new wrap to wear to the concert next week.
wrap (RAP) (verb)
1. To embrace or to encircle: Myrna tried to wrap her little cousin in a big hug but the child ran away to play.
2. To put on a piece of clothing: Deloris would wrap herself in the heavy jacket before going outside into the cold.
3. To enfold, to bundle, or to conceal: Josie will wrap the delicate china in many layers of paper before putting it into a box.

Britney bought a recording of rap music to send to a friend. Although she doesn't usually care a rap for it, she will wrap and mail it to Jim next week.

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rap-, rav-
Latin: tearing away, seizing, swift, rapid; snatch away, seize, carry off; from Latin rapere, "to seize by force and to carry off"; in this unit.