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Rainbow: Iris
Greek: Iris (goddess)
Latin: (no equivalent goddess)
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(Modern Latin: chemical element; from Greek, iris, a "rainbow", because of the changing color of its salts; metal)
(Greek: iris [relating to the eye]; the rainbow; colored circle, colored portion of the eye [originally, "something bent or curved"])
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halo vision, rainbow vision, iridescent vision
1. A condition in which colored or luminous rings are seen around lights.
2. The perception of rings of color or of glare surrounding lights.
marine rainbow (s) (noun), marine rainbows (pl)
An arc of colors in the sea spray, formed by the reflection and refraction of sun rays; sea rainbow: On their camping vacation quite near the ocean, the family was totally amazed at the marine rainbow appearing in the fine mist of the ocean.
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Raised Arch, Inimitable Nature's Bouquet, Omnipotent Wonder.
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