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racket, racket, racquet
racket (RAK it) (noun)
1. A clattering noise or excitement: Luis could hear quite a racket in the hall and wondered what was going on.
2. An illegal scheme or enterprise involving fraud: Patricia was a member of a criminal racket.
3. Lightweight sports equipment consisting of a handle at one end and a net of thread or gut in an oval shape at the other end which is, for example, typically used to bat a badminton shuttlecock back and forth with an opponent: Antonio uses an aluminum racket which has helped to improve his tennis game considerably.
racket (RAK it) (verb)
1. To celebrate in a loud, boisterous manner: After the game Earl and Jim plan to racket down the street to the pub.
2. To hit a ball or shuttlecock back and forth between players: Tamika and her sister racket a badminton birdie every day for an hour.
racquet (RAK it) (noun)
An alternative spelling for "racket", usually occurring in the plural to refer to a game involving two to four players; including, a racket (racquet), a ball, and played within a walled court: Victor grabbed his racquet and dashed to the tennis courts to play for an hour with his brother.

Please stop the racket because Russell is trying to concentrate on the racquet game on TV.

There are those who say tennis is nothing more than a racket (with a ball) and as far as the players are concerned, love means nothing.

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