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rabbet, rabbet, rabbit, rabid
rabbet (RAB it) (noun)
A groove cut into the surface of an item designed to match another piece so they can be connected: The joiner carved a rabbet in the piece of cherry wood as he was building the new cabinet.
rabbet (RAB it) (verb)
To incise a groove in the surface of an item: To rabbet the piece of fine mahogany requires patience, care, and the proper tools.
rabbit (RAB it) (noun)
1. Any member of the family of mammals characterized by long ears, soft fur and strong rear legs: Janine watched the rabbit hop across the lawn.
2. The pelt or fur of a hare: Maude's new cloak is made of soft rabbit.
3. A member of a track team who sets the running pace for other teammates as part of a long distance run: Martin's cousin trained to be the rabbit for the cross-country racing club.
rabid (RAB id) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of a person who is very violent and extremes in terms of expressing his or her emotions and feelings or opinions: Fern was a politician with rabid supporters.

Debora became almost rabid in her defense of her pet rabbit’s chewing behavior when visiting her friend.

2. Regarding an animal which is infected with a deadly viral disease: People were fearful of being bitten by the rabid dog that was running around in the neighborhood.

As Mack was taking a break from making the rabbet for the piece of furniture he was constructing, he noticed a rabbit being chased by what seemed to be a rabid dog.