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regime, régime (s) (noun); regimes, régimes (pl)
1. A government of a particular country; especially, one that is considered to be oppressive: Even in these modern times, there are several national regimes that place their citizens in undemocratic conditions.
2. Any controlling or managing group, or the system adopted by it: With the new company regime, the supervisors are required to file weekly reports about the successes or failures of those they are responsible for.
3. A regulated system, as of diet and exercise; a regimen or a program to improve one's health: After the physician's examination, Richard was put on a strict regime of working out daily.
5. Etymology: from French régime, from Latin regimen, "rule, guidance, government"; from regere, "to move in a straight line", and so, "to direct, to rule, to guide".
A system of government or administration.
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