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quotation (s), quotations (pl)
1. A passage or expression that is quoted or cited.
2. The act of quoting.
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(symbols at the beginning and end of a word or groups of words)
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Quotation Marks

It's said that quotation marks look much like birds
That flutter before,
Also after, words.
Quotation marks mostly, you'll find, fly in pairs,
But sometimes alone, as
He said, I said, bears,
When something, as here you have probably noted,
Is quoted inside what is being quoted.

Or look at the front ones,
Then at the rear:
Don't they look more like cheerleaders,
Leading a cheer?
Just watch them turn somersaults,
Pleasing the crowd,
And the cheers come up lusty
And gusty
And loud.

What you open with quotes, whatsoever you do,
Have quotes at the end, because you close with them, too.
—Compiled from On Your Marks, A Package of Punctuation
by Richard Armour; McGraw-Hill Book Company; New York; 1969; pages 24-25.
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quotation mark (s) (noun), quotation marks (pl)
This symbol " consists of either of a pair of punctuation marks used to mark the beginning and the end of a passage by another person and repeated word for word, and it also indicates meanings and the unusual or doubtful status of a word.

They appear in the form of double quotation marks (" ") and single quotation marks (' '). The single quotation marks usually indicate a quotation within a normal quotation.

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