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quiver, quiver
quiver (KWIV uhr) (noun)
1. A shaking sound, movement, or feeling that is caused by fear or some other strong emotions: Luis could hear a quiver in Jillian's voice as she explained her concern about the doctor's medical prognosis.

Goldie felt a quiver of anticipation as she came closer to the completion of her project.

2. The case for holding and carrying arrows or the arrows so carried: The artist used the quill from the porcupine to decorate the quiver for the projectiles which the hunter would use.
quiver (KWIV uhr) (verb)
To tremble or to shake with a slight motion: The leaves on the trees started to quiver when the breeze passed through the garden.

Rosetta was excited about the archery competition, but she was afraid that her hand might quiver and it would be difficult for her to get an arrow from the quiver on her back quickly enough to win the archery competition.

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(Latin: flash, sparkle, glitter; quiver)
(Latin: to quiver, to oscillate, to shake, to move; motion)