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choir, quire
choir (KWIGHR) (noun)
1. An organized group of singers; especially, in a church: Verna sang in the choir at her high school.

The church choir was rehearsing for next Sunday's service.

2. The part of a church where singers assemble to sing during a service or ceremony: The choir was in the balcony and the members of the choir had to climb the steps carefully before each performance.
quire (KWIGHR) (noun)
1. A compilation of 24 (or 25) sheets of paper of uniform size and quality: The publisher decided to use a quire of yellow paper when publishing the book of poetry.
2. One twentieth of a ream of paper (500 sheets of paper): Austin counted out a quire of paper when he was in the store buying paper for his printer.

The music for the school choir was available in a printed quire which they could buy at a local store.

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