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quill, quill, quill
quill (KWIL) (noun)
1. A float used on a fishing line: Brian used a red quill when he went fishing so he could see where his fishing line went into the water.
2. A spindle upon which to wind yarn: Before Nell could start to use her loom, she needed to wind the yarn on the quill.
quill (KWIL) (noun)
1. The hollow stem or barrel of a feather or spine of a large rodent whose body is covered with sharp spines: Stanley found a quill from a seagull on the beach and took it home to show his sister.

The native artist used the quill from the porcupine to create elaborate designs on the cloak of the chief.

2. A pen used for writing that is made from the hollow stem or barrel of a feather: Marvin's mother used a quill in order to print carefully on the paper.
quill (KWIL) (verb)
To make or to press small ridges in cloth: Aaron watched his teacher quill the frill on the apron she was making.

Adam's cousin, who had an avid interest in fishing, learned to be very creative. When she needed a new quill for her fishing line, she would use a quill or two from a porcupine that were fastened to her fishing line.

Mollie liked to be old-fashioned and used a quill pen to write directions on how to use a quill to make a quill to use for fishing.