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1. Making no noise or sound; especially, no disturbing sound.
2. Free, or comparatively free, from noise.
3. Restrained in speech, manner, etc.; saying little.
4. Free from disturbance or tumult; tranquil; peaceful.
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quiet, quite
quiet (KWIGH uht) (noun)
Freedom from noise: Shanna enjoyed the quiet of the river flowing silently past the bridge.
quite (KWIGHT) (adverb)
1. Referring to how much something is done; fairly, moderately, relatively, comparitively: Vincent goes out to eat quite frequently.
2. Wholly, completely, entirely, or truly: Rodney's statement about the weather is quite true.

Tamika told the repairman that she was quite capable of fixing this part herself.

Consuelo noticed that it was quite quiet in the library this evening.

Quotes: Silence, Quiet
Signs that too often depict misinformation: silence quotes.
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(Greek > Latin: unable to speak, inarticulate, dumb; uttering no sound, silent, silence, still, quiet)
(Latin: peace, peaceful, calm, quiet; eased anger or agitation)
(something that may not be golden, but is worth its weight in gold and which can't be misquoted)
(Latin: absence of sound; quiet, still)
(Latin: silent, silence; unspoken; quiet)
(Latin: rest, calm, silent)
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situation is calm and quiet
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