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quiescent (adjective), more quiescent; most quiescent
1. Characterized by inactivity or repose; peacefulness and at rest: "The family was quiescent as they watched the interesting film on TV."
2. In medicine, pertaining to causing no trouble or symptoms: "The doctor told Jill that her quiescent gallstones should not be a problem; at least, not for awhile."
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Protest transforms long quiescent Syrian city
knitted into the city's fabric:
resilient opposition:
foreseeable future:

"Dissent and defiance in Homa, its residents say, have become knitted into the city's fabric, signaling to the government that however ferocious the repression, it will face a resilient opposition for the foreseeable future."

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; pages 1-5.