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quick, quick
quick (KWIK) (adjective)
Prompt, rapid, fast: Her quick footsteps were heard in the hallway.

Jane said, "Hey, Dale, you will have to be quick if you want to get tickets for the concert tomorrow."

quick (KIWK) (noun)
1. Sensitive flesh; a part of the body that is susceptible to keen feeling; especially, the part of a finger or toe to which the nail is attached: Susana's harsh words cut him to the quick.
2. People who are living and animate, as opposed people who are not living anymore: An archaic term, quick is known mostly from the Bible (the quick and the dead).

Leonard's quick response to Fay's query cut her to the quick. She only wanted to know if the wonderful character in his novel was to be termed as the quick or as the dead by the end of the novel.

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(Latin: air, wind; rapid, quick)
(Latin: talk, speak, say; to put into quick motion, to excite, to provoke, to call urgently; to summon, to summon forth, to arouse, to stimulate; used in the sense of "stimulating")