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cue, queue
cue (KYOO) (noun)
1. A rod or "stick" used to propel or to move a ball in the game of pool: The billiard player sighted down his cue, determining the best angle at which to strike the ball.
2. A prompt or signal to do something: The actress did not need a single cue during her performance of the long play.
queue (KYOO) (noun)
1. Primarily British, a line of people or vehicles waiting their turns: Percy stood in a queue at the bank, waiting for a teller to help him.
2. In computer science, a sequence of storage computer data awaiting processing: Three jobs remain in the printer queue.
3. A pendent (dangling, hanging, or suspended) braid of hair on the back of the head; a pigtail: Darla wore her long blond ringlets in a queue which helped her endure the heat of the day.

Raquel stood in a queue in front of the billiard parlor waiting for a cue that there was a cue available for her and Amos with a table so they could go in to play.