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quest (s) (noun), quests (pl)
1. A search, an exploration, or a pursuit of some ambition or goal; to look for or to seek something: Donald went to a mountain retreat in his quest to understand the process of meditation that the monks were participating in.
2. A journey, expedition, or excursion in search of something; especially, one made by knights of the Middle Ages: For many medieval knights, their ultimate quest was for truth and the Holy Grail (a cup or plate that, according to medieval legend, was used by Jesus at the Last Supper and which later became the object of many chivalrous quests).
3. The aim, target, or goal of something being strived for: The explorer said that his quest in the jungle was to find his friend who had disappeared a year previously while looking for rare jewels.
A search for or a pursuit being made in order to find or to achieve something.
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The object, target, or goal of something being strived for in order to obtain it or to achieve it. (1)