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question (s) (noun), questions (pl)
1. Inquiring for information or for a reply: When people ask questions, they usually end it with a question mark, if written; or with a rising intonation of their voices, when they speak.
2. A doubt or uncertainty about someone or something: There was some question about whether Jane actually accomplished all of the things that she listed during her presentation.
3. A matter that is the subject of discussion, debate, or negotiation: At the end of his lecture, Professor Younge answered questions from his students.
4. A problem to be discussed or solved in an examination: The lawyer, Mr. Evans, presented several questions to the witness in court about her claims of being abused by her husband.
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rhetorical question (s) (noun), rhetorical questions (pl)
A question that is asked for effect rather than for an answer: Thomas asked, "Do you people want to lose the shirt off your backs and end up in the poorhouse?"

Such a rhetorical question suggests that the speaker is about to offer his listeners a plan that will enable them to avoid this disastrous condition.

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