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guessed, guest, quest, quest
guessed (GEST) (verb)
To come to an opinion or an answer based on very little evidence: They guessed he was very rich based on the kind of car he drove.
guest (GEST) (noun)
An individual to whom hospitality is given, either in a private home or in an institution: We will have a guest from out of town staying with us for two weeks.
quest (KWEST) (verb)
To seek, to look for, or to search for something: Sam and Sally quest every weekend for gold in the streams.
quest (KWEST) (noun)
A long and difficult search for something: Lenora went on a quest to find the meanings of some words that were not easily available in current dictionary sources.

The quest of the hotel was to make visitor estimates or to have a series of guessed guest data in order to prepare for the summer season.

query, query, question, question, quest, quest, inquiry
query (KWIR ee) (noun)
A question, an inquiry, or a doubt: Janine said she had a query for the politician about the claims that he just made in his speech.
query (KWIR ee) (verb)
To ask questions or to seek authoritative information: James wanted to query his astronomy professor about the phases of the moon.
question (KWES chuhn) (verb)
1. To examine or to interrogate in an intensive manner: Jennifer was afraid the school principal will want to question her about the broken window.
2. To study or to analyze: The lab technician was determined to question every aspect of the experiment before writing her report.
question (KWES chuhn) (noun)
1. A request or order to bring a matter under discussion to a vote in a meeting: At the union assembly, the president called the question before everyone had an opportunity to speak.
3. Opportunity for a doubt or an objection: There is no question that he is a fine doctor and surgeon.
4. The act or instance of asking for information: In the morning, Tony will pose a question to his daughter about the film she went to see.
quest (KWEST) (verb)
To search or to ask for: Lorna plans to quest at the baking supply store about where to buy the best chocolate.
quest (KWEST) (noun)
1. An investigation or search: The police were on a quest to find the source of leaked information.
2. A chivalrous undertaking typically involving an adventurous trip or journey often associated with medieval literature: The knight went on a quest to find the beautiful girl of his dreams.
inquiry (in KWIGHR ee, IN kwighr" ee) (noun)
1. A well-organized and systematic investigation, often into a matter of public interest: After the scandal broke, the prime minister ordered an inquiry into the misspent funds.
2. An appeal or request for information: Stanley will make an inquiry at the library information desk about the film he wants to borrow.

In its quest to understand the difficult issues facing the hospital, the board members demanded an inquiry be undertaken to answer the question: "What happened to the significant donations received last year?"

This was the query of Ms. Jones who wished to make a donation but wanted an accounting of all previous gifts and donations.

quest (s) (noun), quests (pl)
1. A search, an exploration, or a pursuit of some ambition or goal; to look for or to seek something: Donald went to a mountain retreat in his quest to understand the process of meditation that the monks were participating in.
2. A journey, expedition, or excursion in search of something; especially, one made by knights of the Middle Ages: For many medieval knights, their ultimate quest was for truth and the Holy Grail (a cup or plate that, according to medieval legend, was used by Jesus at the Last Supper and which later became the object of many chivalrous quests).
3. The aim, target, or goal of something being strived for: The explorer said that his quest in the jungle was to find his friend who had disappeared a year previously while looking for rare jewels.
A search for or a pursuit being made in order to find or to achieve something.
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The object, target, or goal of something being strived for in order to obtain it or to achieve it. (1)
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quir-, quisit-, quis-, que-, quer-, quest-, -quirement, -quirable, -quisition, -quisitive
Latin: to ask, to seek; in this unit.