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quarts, quartz
quarts (KWARTS) (noun)
1. U.S. units of liquid measurements equal to two U.S. pints or 0.946 liters each: Earl's sister told him that she put three quarts of tomatoes in the freezer to use in the winter.
2. British units of fluid quantities which are the same as two two British pints or 1.14 liters each: The hostess served her guests two quarts of liquid refreshments.
quartz (KWARTS) (noun)
A mineral (silicon dioxide) that occurs in colorless, transparent, or tinted hexagonal crystals: Sabina's aunt collected a beautiful piece of pink quartz which she displayed on a shelf in the bookcase.

Helena was an avid collector of pieces of quartz from all around the world and she had several quarts of quartz pieces exhibited on the mantle in her living room.

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(Latin: flint, quartz, sand; a crystalline compound [SiO2])