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quarry (stones, rocks)
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quarry, quarry
quarry (KWOR ee, KWAHR ee) (noun)
The target or objective of a hunt or pursuit: On Howard's photography expedition, he looked for his quarry in the meadows and marshlands.
quarry (KWOR ee, KWAHR ee) (noun)
1. An open pit or excavation from which to cut and to remove stone typically for building purposes: Trudy has an old rock quarry on her property which she uses as a swimming hole during the summer.
2. A diamond shaped piece of tile: Over the front door was a decorative pane of glass comprised of blue and red quarry.

While pursuing Victor's quarry, he found himself on the precipice of the abandoned stone quarry.

(Modern Latin: named for Ytterby, a quarry in Sweden where the first rare earth had been discovered; rare earth)
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quarry (s) (noun), quarries (pl)
Animals or people that are being hunted or pursued: Dick Tracey, the detective, was following his criminal quarry into the bank.
Prey that is eagerly being hunted.
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Those that are being sought for profitable reasone.
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