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quant, quant
quant (KWAHNT) (noun)
A highly paid computer specialist with a degree in a branch of quantitative science, employed by a financial house to predict the future price movements of securities, commodities, currencies, etc.: Clarence is a quant who designs and implements mathematical models for the pricing of derivatives, assessments of risks, or predicting market changes.

A statistical arbitrage quant works on finding patterns in data to suggest automated trades.

quant (KWAHNT) (noun)
A long pole that is used to propel a boat; especially, by pushing it on the bottom of a river or a lake: Louis made the boat move across the lake with a quant, not an oar.

Mary Quant was a British designer during the 1960s. It was said that her models were often photographed sitting in a boat using a quant to propel it across the lake.

Rumor had it that given her financial success, Mary Quant hired a professional quant to promote her stock in the financial markets.

(Latin: how much; as much as, how many; how great; amount)