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Cave quid dicis, quando, et cui.
Beware what you say, when, and to whom.

Certainly good advice for all of us; especially, when writing e-mail. Recent studies have shown that e-mail messages may stay recorded somewhere for years and be available for others to read long after we thought they no longer existed.

A case in point is Bill Gates whose videotaped deposition for the federal trial in the United States revealed that he couldn't remember sending an e-mail about Microsoft’s plans to use Apple Computer to "undermine Sun".

Reading about, "The Tale of the Gates Tapes" in the November 16, 1998, issue of Time, the writer Adam Cohen, wrote, "Trouble was, it was a difficult line to swallow. Gates as a fuzzy-headed amnesiac? This is the man revered even by the geniuses who roam Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, campus for his awesome 'bandwidth' (geekspeak for intelligence)."

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Quando hic sum, non ieiuno (jejuno) Sabbato; quando Romae sum, ieiuno (jejuno) Sabbato.
When I'm here [in Milan], I do not fast on Saturday; when I'm in Rome, I fast on Saturday.

This thought is attributed to St. Ambrose and is translated in a short version as, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." The primary advice is to follow the local customs.

Venit nox, quando nemo potest operari.
The night comes when no man can work.

A translation from a Greek statement ["Night that puts to rest the works of men" by Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica (c. 225 B.C.)] as translated in The Vulgate version of John, ix, 4. (c. A.D. 70) from the New Testament part of the Bible.

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