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(Latin: suffix; state, quality, condition, or act of; forming nouns)
(Latin: a suffix that forms nouns; action, process, state, quality, or condition of)
(Latin: suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing act, state, quality, property, or condition corresponding to an adjective)
(Latin: a suffix; state, quality, condition of)
(Latin: a suffix; having the quality of, of the nature of, characterized by, belonging to, resembling)
(Latin: suffix; quality of)
(Latin: suffix; quality of, act of, process, function, condition, or place; forms nouns that denote an action; a product of an action; a place, an abode)
(Latin: often through French, quality or state of; being; condition; act or fact of _______ ing; a suffix that forms nouns)
(Greek > Latin: a suffix that forms nouns; state of, condition of, quality of; act of)
(Latin: a suffix that forms nouns; meaning, quality of, state of)
(Latin: a suffix; tending to; of the quality of, inclined to)
(Latin: worse; diminish, weaken; inferior in quality or condition)
(a quality that's never wasted except when given to oneself)
(Latin: mark, token, indication; a fact, a condition, or a quality)
(Latin: cheap, worthless, base, common; low status, low quality)
(Greek: a suffix that means; state of, condition of, quality of, act of)
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soil quality
The ability of a given area or type of soil to provide functions of value to humans; such as, biomass production, water filtration, biodegradation of pollutants, or soil carbon sequestration (technologies that can separate and store carbon dioxide in reservoirs of earth other than in the atmosphere).
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