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quack, quack
quack (KWAK) (noun)
1. The voice characteristic of a water bird with short legs, webbed feet, and a large flat beak: The quack of Trudy's pet duck is the first sound she hears each morning.
2. An individual who pretends to be a medical doctor; someone whose medical practice is suspect or not authorized; a charlatan: Mildred always joked that she was going to see her quack about her arthritis.

That quack almost killed Marvin's brother by prescribing the wrong medication.

quack (KWAK) (verb)
To make a noise in order to attract a specific wild bird to a location: The hunter will quack like a duck to lure his prey to the marsh.

The quack doctor had a signature laugh which sounded just like the quack of a duck.

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Someone who falsely claims to possess medical skill and the ability to provide proper treatment.
quack (KWAK) (s) (noun), quacks (pl)
1. An individual who pretends to be a doctor, administering medical advise; an untrained medical imposter: When legitimate doctors couldn't help his painful back trouble, Mark resorted to quacks for help.
2. A charlatan, a phony or a fake: Dana realized that the psychiatrist was really a quack and so she decided to go to the clinic for help.
3. Etymology: a quack or "fake doctor", is a short form of quacksalver, from Dutch kwakzalver, "charlatan".

Dutch kwakken means "to quack", so the word may originally have meant "someone who quacks boastfully, like a duck, about his salve or other medical remedies".

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(Italian, "chatter, prattle" > French: deceive, deceiver; swindle, swindler; fraud, quack, chiseler)