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pusillanimous (pyoo" suh LAN nuh muhs) (adjective), more pusillanimous, most pusillanimous
1. Characterizing the lack of courage and manly strength and resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid: Even though both boys had grown up together, Christopher was very brave and outgoing, while his younger brother, Rob, was noted to be a pusillanimous person who was afraid to do anything new or to be with strange people.
2. Referring to a lack of boldness and resolve. Jill's cat was very daring and chased a fearful and pusillanimous dog down the driveway and out onto the street!

Little Mary was very pusillanimous when people arrived at her home because she always hid behind her mother’s skirt or apron when seeing them.

3. Etymology: from Latin pusillus, "very small" and animus, "mind".
Relating to a lack of courage strength.
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Conveying cowardness.
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