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purview (s) (noun), purviews (pl)
1. The extent or range of a function, power, or competence; amount of comprehension or experience: Sally said that working with the computer program is beyond the purview of her understanding.
2. The magnitude of something; such as, a court's jurisdiction or someone's knowledge: The criminal case is within the purview of the local legal authority.
3. Etymology: "body of a statute," from Anglo-French purveuest, "it is provided", or purveu que, "provided that", clauses that introduced statutes in old legal documents, from Old French porveu, "provided"; past participle of porveoir, "to provide" from Latin providere, from pro-, "ahead" + videre, "to see".
The extent of competence or scope.
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The range or extent of competence or the scope of functions. (1)