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1. The contractile aperture in the iris of the eye.
2. A learner who is enrolled in an educational institution.
3. A young person attending school (up through senior high school) who is learning under the close supervision of a teacher at school, a private tutor, or the like; a student.
4. Roman Law, a person under the age of puberty, orphaned or emancipated, and under the care of a guardian.

More historical information about the word pupil

The smallness of the mirror images seen on the pupil of the eye led to the pupil being named after the Latin pupilla, "little girl".

Our word pupil, for "a student", comes from the Latin pupulus, or "little boy", most pupils in the past having been little boys.

Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins, Revised Expanded Edition;
Robert Hendrickson; Facts On File, Inc.; 1997; page 552.
pupil, student, scholar
pupil (PYOO puhl) (noun)
1. The round opening in the iris of each eye which contracts or opens depending on the kind of light to which it is exposed: The ophthalmologist used a special magnifying flashlight to look through the pupil of each of the patient’s eyes.
2. A child or youth who is being taught in a school or by a tutor: The new tutor presented her pupil with drawing paper and pencils.
student (STOOD n't, STYOOD n't) (noun)
A person who attends school with the purpose of learning: Jerry's aunt was a student of entomology and often went to the meadow to study the butterflies there.

Estella was the newest student to enroll at the craft school.

scholar (SKAHL uhr) (noun)
1. An individual who has done advanced studies in a specific academic field: Harriet's son was an eminent scholar studying the flight patterns of birds.
2. A man or a woman who has received an award typically accompanied by cash to enable that person to study a specific subject: Lenora was a prize-winning scholar who received a prestigious grant to study art in Italy.

The internationally recognized scholar had in fact been a student at the local high school.

As a college student, JoAnn was visiting her junior high school and she wanted to meet Mr. Walter again because she was his pupil when she was there years ago.

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(Latin: discipulus, pupil, apprentice; instruction, teaching, learning (to learn), knowledge)
(Greek: pupil of the eye; kore, literally, "girl" to mean both "doll" and "pupil of the eye")
(Latin: [diminutive of pupa, a young girl, doll or puppets] the pupil of the eye; including the larva of insects)
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fixed pupil (s) (noun), fixed pupils (pl)
A hole in the middle of the iris of the eye, through which light passes to be focused on the retina, which does not react to stimuli: Janet’s sight was limited only to the eye on the left side because of a fixed pupil on the right side which was stationary and unresponsive to light, movement, etc.
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