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psychiatrist, psychologist, psychometrician, psychotherapist
psychiatrist (si KIGH uh trist, sigh KIGH uh trist) (noun)
A medical doctor who specializes in the study of mental and emotional issues or problems: It takes many years of advanced medical studies to become a psychiatrist.
psychologist (sigh KAHL uh jist) (noun)
A person who has studied the mental and behavioral characteristics of individuals, but who does not have a medical degree: As a psychologist, Jerry's sister works in schools where there are children who have emotional problems.
psychometrician (sigh kahm" i TRISH uhn) (noun)
1. An individual who has trained to understand how the mind influences the behavior of people and who has studied and trained to understand the way the brain influences the behaviour of individuals who may have mental and emotional problems: The psychometrician was very good with young children and gained their cooperation during the testing procedures.
2. A person who has been educated to understand how the mind influences the behaviour of people and who deals with the design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tests of intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits: Tracy had a psychometrician who provided an evaluation of her son who was having problems adapting to relationships with other people.
psychotherapist (sigh" koh THER uh pist) (noun)
Someone who treats people with mental and emotional disorders: The psychotherapist who worked with Dennis provided healing procedures that helped him to achieve more self-control over his excessive anger reactions.

Myrna was concerned about the well-being of her friend; so, she urged Henry to get a referral from his psychiatrist to see a psychometrician who was also a well-known psychologist.

The psychometrician administered several tests the interpretations of which were intended to help her friend understand his psychological problems.

At the end of the assessment period, the psychologist recommended that Henry meet regularly with a psychotherapist.

1. Someone who is specially trained to administer mental tests, the results of which are integrated with other kinds of personal data, about health or sensory deficiencies, for example, to assist decision-making concerning the individual as a whole; as in psychiatric diagnosis, school placement, and appropriateness for vocational or military training.
2. A person skilled in the application of statistical analysis of previously gathered psychological data.
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