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propose (verb), proposes; proposed; proposing
1. To present or to bring forward an idea for consideration and discussion: Ms Pitt, the author, proposed a book tour to promote her new book.

The teacher, Mrs. Richison, proposed an outline of reading to be done by her students during the school break.

2. To make an offer of marriage or of joining properties: When he proposed marriage to her, Dwight also proposed that their two households be united.
3. To recommend or to suggest an individual for a position or employment: It was considered a conflict of interest for Mayor Jones to propose his brother for the new library board.
propose, purpose
propose (pruh POHZ) (verb)
1. To make a request or suggestion for marriage: Richard's friend was determined to propose marriage to the girl he loved.
2. To suggest or to bring forward a plan to accomplish something: The city engineer was determined to propose the building of a new bridge.
3. To bring an idea to an individual or a group for discussion: Walt decided to propose that the group take a break and meet again the next day and to see if they can come to an agreement.
4. To nominate: The committee of peers will propose the name of the professor to be granted the fellowship to study polar bears.
5. To toast or to acknowledge in a speech: The master of ceremonies rose to propose a toast to the retiring member of the board.
purpose (PUR puhs) (noun)
1. A meaningful aim or goal: Henry's purpose in going to a university was to become a lawyer.
2. A subject for discussion or for accomplishment: The purpose of the meeting at the city hall was to discuss raising property taxes.
3. Determination: Albert walked with a purpose while he was returning to the meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to propose a merger of the two branches of this industry as a cost-saving measure.

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(Latin: ask, inquire, request, beg; propose)