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propagate (verb), propagates; propagated; propagating
1. To cause animals, plants, etc. to multiply by natural reproduction; to breed: Pigeons are known to propagate quickly and in abundance.

Trees propagate themselves with seeds that are blown around.

Sheep, cows, chickens and other animals are propagated on farms; as well as, agricultural crops.

2. To spread abroad or from one person to another one; to diffuse or to disseminate: There are some scientists who are propagating new theories about dinosaurs and their existence.

Sound is propagated by vibrations.

When rumors, ideas, etc. propagate, they are spread or carried forward, and expand to other people; such as, when Christian missionaries go out to propagate their religious beliefs.

3. To transmit through a medium; to extend the action of: Stoves propagate heat for cooking.
4.Etymology: from Latin propagatus; from pro-, "forth" + progare, pangere, "to fasten, to plant with".
To make known or to reproduce or to multiply.
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