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An apparatus or an operation that is capable of being programmed.
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electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, EEPROM
1. A method of storing data on microchips.

Usually bytes can be erased and reprogrammed individually.

RFID tags that use EEPROM are more expensive than factory programmed tags, where the number is written into the silicon when the chip is made, but they offer more flexibility because the end user can write an ID number to the tag at the time the tag is going to be used.

2. A form of read-only memory which can be electrically erased and reprogrammed.
3. An integrated-circuit memory chip that has an internal switch to permit a user to erase the contents of the chip and to write new contents into it with electrical signals.
electronically programmable logic device, ELPD
A field programmable logic device with transistor rather than fuse links for controlling the signal paths in its fixed array of logic blocks and connections.
one-time programmable tag
Also called a field-programmable tag.

An RFID tag that can be written to once and read many times (see WORM).

ultirole programmable device
In robotics, a device with a programmable memory that can store data for positioning and sequencing the movements of a robot.