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prodigy, progeny
prodigy, (PRAHD uh jee) (noun)
1. An individual who is considered to be very talented, often in reference to a child: Mozart was considered to be a child prodigy.
2. Something that is an extraordinary or unusual accomplishment or event: The completion of the massive symphony was nothing short of being a prodigy.
progeny, (PRAHJ uh nee) (noun)
Offspring, children, followers or successors: The list of Aurora's grandparents' progeny is extensive and includes her.

It is not always true that the progeny of a famous prodigy are all as equally talented.

progeny (s) (noun), progenies (pl)
1. Someone who is born of, begotten by, or derived from another person or parents: Many Americans are the progenies of immigrants.
2. Etymology: from Latin progignere, "to beget" from progenies, "descent, offspring" from pro-, "before, ahead, earlier than" + gignere, "to bring forth."
The offspring or children usually of a father and a mother.
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