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1. To claim; profess; allege [to stretch forth or to move in a certain direction].
2. To claim or profess falsely; feign;.
3. To make believe, as in play or in an attempt to deceive; feign.
pretend, portend, portent, potent
pretend (pri TEND) (verb)
1. To give a false impression; to make believe: When they were children, Etta's sisters and Julie used to dress up and pretend to be fairy princesses.
2. To make a false claim or assertion: Roger and Trina will pretend that they have tickets and hope to go to the parade.
portend (por TEND, pohr TEND) (verb)
To give a sign in anticipation of something; to suggest an omen: The dark clouds over the bay seem to portend a storm.
portent (POR tent", POHR tent") (noun)
That which foreshadows an event in a prophetic manner: The arrival of the seagulls in the farmer's field Is often the portent that it will rain in about two hours.
potent (POH n't") (adjective)
1. Powerful; mighty: The police proved to be a potent fighting force.
2. Referring to something producing powerful physical or chemical effects: Henry used a potent drug to fight the cancer.
3. Relating to something or someone having or exercising great power or influence: The higher interest rate was a potent factor in the economy.

The potent status of the newly elected mayor is a portent that he will pretend to be a friend of the people; however, some of his statements portend hidden taxes and a cut in services for the future.