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precision (pri SIZH uhn) (s) (noun), precisions (pl)
1. Exactness or accuracy: Margaret's grandfather had an old pocket watch that showed great precision and was always in accord with the correct time, which was quite remarkable considering its age.
2. In mathematics, the accuracy to which a calculation is performed, specifying the number of significant digits with which the result is expressed: The engineer checked the precision of the measurements of his sensitive equipment to make sure it was still reliable.
3. Allowing for, made with, or requiring great exactness or accuracy: Being a TV news reporter required perfect precision to be on the right spot at the exact time for the broadcast.
4. Exactness and accuracy when performing business dealings: The bank clerks have to show great precision when they are taking care of the accounts of their clients.
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precise precision
I got through a number of things in the area of defense, like showing the importance of cruise missiles and getting them more accurate so that we can have precise precision.
"Senator Dan Quayle referring to his legislative accomplishments.
(as seen in The NY Times 8/26/88)
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