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possess (verb), possesses; possessed; possessing
1. To have as property; to own.
2. To have as a quality, characteristic, or other attribute: Shirley possessed great tact and politeness.
3. To acquire mastery of or have knowledge of: Harry possessed valuable data that his employer was looking for.
4. To gain or exert influence or control over; to dominate.
5. To control or maintain (one's nature) in a particular condition.
6. To cause to own, hold, or master something; such as, property or knowledge.
7. To cause to be influenced or controlled, as by an idea or emotion.
8. Etymology: from Middle English possessen; from Old French possessier, from Latin possessus, past participle of possidere, "to possess"; which stands for pots, "mighty, powerful" + sidere, literally "to sit as a master".