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1. The combination of many like or unlike molecules to form a more complex product of higher molecular weight, with elimination of water, alcohol, etc. (condensation polymerization), or without such elimination (addition polymerization).
2. In chemistry, the process of changing the molecular arrangement of a compound so as to form new compounds having the same percentage composition as the original, but of different (usually greater) molecular weight and different properties.

The method may be linear, by the successive addition of small structural units to form a chain; cyclic, by the formation of rings; or cross-linked, by a three-dimensional fusion of either linear or cyclic elements.

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ionic polymerization
1. A polymerization process carried out by means of electrically charged ions (either cations [positive ions] or anions [negative ions] that initiate a chain polymerization reaction.
2. Polymerization that proceeds via ionic intermediates (carbonium ions or carbanions) than through neutral species (olefins or acetylenes).
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