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pogonip (s) (noun), pogonips (pl)
1. Dense fog of suspended ice particles; an Indian word for the formation of frost on trees but not on the ground; from, Shoshone pakenappeh (or some other American Indian language) which means "white death".
2. Pogonip, or "ice fog", results in a phenomenon called "hoarfrost", which is a deposit of interlocking ice crystals on objects exposed to cold, foggy air. Dazzling winter scenes are revealed as tree limbs, leaves, fence wires are coated with the ice.

Is it possible that the pogo in "pogonip" refers to "beard"? Take a look at these pictures and see if you think they resemble hair-like structures resembling whiskers or a beard.

Extensive research can't confirm such a view, but to state that "pogonip" comes from an American Indian word, pakenappeh which means "white death", doesn't make any linguistic sense. Etymologically, what connection does the Greek pogo element have to do with the Native Indian pakenappeh?

Pogonip on a leaf.
Pogonip grass.
Pogonip landscape.

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