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placate (PLAY kayt", PLAK ayt") (verb), placates; placated; placating
1. To make a person less angry, upset, or hostile; usually, by doing or saying something to please him or her: Because his wife was so dismayed at him coming home so late from work, Greg tried to placate her by promising to treat her to a nice restaurant tomorrow evening.
2. To calm down and to make less angry; especially, by appeasement; to conciliate; to pacify: The administrators placated the customers by agreeing to consider a reduction in prices for the items when they became available again.

The clerk was placating the angry customer with an apology and a new replacement for the damaged item that was returned.

To pacify or to appease.
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To calm someone so he or she feels better.
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To calm someone and to make someone less angry or upset; usually, by doing or saying something to please him or her. (2)