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picture, pictures, picturing
1. A visual representation of a person, object, or scene; such as, a painting, drawing, photograph, etc.
2. Any visible image, however produced; such as, pictures reflected in a pool of water.
3. A mental image.
4. A particular image or reality as portrayed in an account or description; depiction; version.
5. A person, thing, group, or scene regarded as resembling a work of pictorial art in beauty, fineness of appearance, etc.
6. The image or perfect likeness of someone else: She is the picture of her mother."
7. A visible or concrete embodiment of some quality or condition; such as, "He was the picture of health."
8. A situation or set of circumstances: "He presented the economic picture of the 1930s."
9. The image on a computer monitor, the viewing screen of a television set, or a motion-picture screen.
10. To represent in a picture or pictorially, as by painting or drawing.
11. To form a mental picture of; to imagine.
12. To depict in words; to describe graphically.
13. To present or create as a setting; to portray: "In his speech, he pictured the world of the future."
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