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picture, picture; pitcher
picture (PIK chuhr) (noun)
1. A painting, drawing, or photograph of someone or something: Patrice put the picture of the village church on the wall at her mother's place.
2. A conception of how something or someone looks or what something is like: After some discussion, Kevin is convinced that he has a clearer picture of what the group needs to do to enhance the project.
3. Something or someone that looks very much like another thing or person: The daughter was the picture of her mother.
picture (PIK chuhr) (verb)
1. To visualise, imagine, or to form a mental image regarding someone or something: After all these years, Harry can still picture the tiny house and the neighborhood where he lived in poverty.
2. To describe someone or something in a particular way: Unless people have experienced them, they can only picture the horrible devastations and suffering that are caused by earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, etc.

pitcher (PICH uhr) (noun)
1. A baseball hurler who throws the ball to the batters and attempts to strike them out: The pitcher had an exceptional day when he was able to put out the first three batsmen in each of three consecutive innings.
2. A container with a handle and a lip that is used for holding and pouring out liquids of various kinds: Mark's mother poured milk out of a pitcher into the bowls of cereal that he, his brother, and sister were going to have for breakfast.
3. The amount of liquid held by a container: Karin drank more than one pitcher of cold tea during that hot summer day.

Matthew's grandmother said that she could still picture in her mind the picture his mother drew when she was just five years old. It was a remarkable drawing of a pitcher filled with flowers.

picture, pictures, picturing
1. A visual representation of a person, object, or scene; such as, a painting, drawing, photograph, etc.
2. Any visible image, however produced; such as, pictures reflected in a pool of water.
3. A mental image.
4. A particular image or reality as portrayed in an account or description; depiction; version.
5. A person, thing, group, or scene regarded as resembling a work of pictorial art in beauty, fineness of appearance, etc.
6. The image or perfect likeness of someone else: She is the picture of her mother."
7. A visible or concrete embodiment of some quality or condition; such as, "He was the picture of health."
8. A situation or set of circumstances: "He presented the economic picture of the 1930s."
9. The image on a computer monitor, the viewing screen of a television set, or a motion-picture screen.
10. To represent in a picture or pictorially, as by painting or drawing.
11. To form a mental picture of; to imagine.
12. To depict in words; to describe graphically.
13. To present or create as a setting; to portray: "In his speech, he pictured the world of the future."
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(Latin: representation, likeness, picture, appearance, idea)
(Latin: paint, painting; picture)