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phenomenal (adjective), more phenomenal, most phenomenal
1. A reference to someone or something that is very remarkable, highly extraordinary, or amazing: Mark's little boy has a phenomenal talent as a piano player.
2. Descriptive of an individual or something that is absolutely fantastic and one of a kind in greatness: Ted's students have become phenomenal users of vocabulary knowledge as a result of his phenomenal teaching.
3. Etymology: from Greek phainomenon, from Latin phaenomenon; "that which appears or is seen."
Relating to being extremely unusual.
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phenomenon, phenomena, phenomenal
phenomenon (fi NAHM uh nahn", fi NAHM uh nuhn) (noun)
1. A rare fact, circumstance, experience, or event: It is considered a phenomenon when the home football team wins a game even with their poor record.
2. Any extremely unusual or extraordinary thing or occurrence that is known through the senses rather than known through thought or study: The neighbor was shocked with the phenomenon of a fire suddenly starting from an electrical explosion caused by her refrigeratorin her kitchen.
3. A fact of scientific interest that can be scientifically described, appraised, or explained: Gerald's chemistry instructor demonstrated the phenomenon of mixing chemicals to produce dyes for industrial purposes.
phenomena (fi NAHM uh nuh) (noun)
The plural form or "phenomenon"; occasionally used as the singular form, but such usage is considered incorrect: When Helena's essay was returned, her teacher had noted that she had correctly used the word "phenomena" when discussing the many sightings of a rare bird on the river.
phenomenal (fi NAHM uh nuhl) (adjective)
1. Extraordinary: Marla made phenomenal progress with her singing lessons because she practiced every day.
2. Very good or great; extremely unusual in a way that is very impressive: The book was a phenomenal success for several months.

Ed's phenomenal understanding of the single rare scientific phenomenon of ice crystals was amazing; however, he lost points in his essay by referring to it as a single rare scientific phenomena.