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phantom (s) (noun), phantoms (pl)
1. An image of the mind which seems to be real but isn't: Frank thought he was actually seeing his long lost brother in the fog, or was it just a phantom?
2. A thought or an apprehension of something that haunts a person's imagination and is hard to really see or to achieve: Adam spent years going after the phantoms of fame and fortune but he never achieved them.
3. A mere showing or an appearance without material substance, a figment of the imagination: When Jake was going for a walk by the local cemetery at night, he was startled to see phantoms or ghosts there.
4. Etymology: from Greek phantasma,"image".
An illusion or imaginary vision.
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Something that is not real.
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phantom load
Continuous electricity use by appliances, television sets, computers, and other such devices even when they are ostensibly not operating; such as, a computer or printer in "sleep" mode.
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